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At Wickham Church of England Primary School, we want our children to know that life is sacred, that their choices matter, that nature deserves a certain reverence, that their presence in the world contributes to joy and goodness, that things have a way of working out (not always as we imagine), that the greatest joy usually comes from sharing and connecting with others, that being uncomfortable can push us to grow and that while we don’t always get what we want, we can always choose to make the most of what we have.

Spirituality for children is really about teaching them who they are, reminding them daily of their connection to something greater than themselves, to the universe, nature, the energy that flows through all of us. They are connected to every other person on the planet, developing compassion.

In current, unprecedented times this seems even more poignant, so we hope this page will give you and your child some ideas for spiritualityreflections and prayer at home.


   An ‘Alphabet of Spirituality’