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Resilience in Learning

Our school learning behaviours are:


Risk Taking


Growth Mindset



Resilience in learning

The children are using this idea to build resilience and understand that 'mistakes are cool' as long as we learn from them.  They watched 'Austin's buterfly' to help them understand what this looks like.

critique and feedback - the story of austin's butterfly - Ron Berger

The Learning Pit


Some classes are also using the analogy of a learning pit to help them understand that new learning is hard and that they need to work to gain understanding and knowledge to get out of 'the pit'.  This is based on the thinking of James Nottingham and develops the children's resilience when tackling something new.  Many children are now using this terminology to explain how they are feeling about their learning and recognising deep learning occurs when challenges are faced. 

James Nottingham's Learning Challenge (Learning Pit) animation