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House Teams

We believe House Teams provide a valuable opportunity to develop a sense of belonging to a group within our school and our children all enjoy earning House Points for positive attitudes to learning, excellent work and exemplary behaviour.


Each House Team has its own colour and we always ensure brothers and sisters from the same family are in the same House Team.


Having talked with our children last year about our House Teams, we decided that we should devise new names to better reflect our Christian Foundation. As a result, our House Teams are now named after Christian Saints.


Saint Christopher

Saint Gregory

Saint Michael

Saint Francis


At the beginning of each new school year,  we hold a vote for our new House Captains and Vice House Captains. Prospective candidates are invited to write and deliver a speech to the whole school explaining why they should be chosen to fulfil this important role.


Congratulations to our current House Captains and Vice House Captains on their successful election. These are highly responsible positions which provide valuable learning opportunities which they enjoy.



Our House and Vice Captains this year are:



St Michael (Blue): HC Charlotte; VC Jamie


St Christopher (Red): HC Samuel; VC Amelia


St Gregory (Yellow): HC Charlie; VC Ewen, Lennon


St Francis (Green): HC Phoebe; VC Shay