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Emergency Closure Info

The decision to close our school in an emergency would be made by the Headteacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors. Decisions would be based on a risk assessment, taking into consideration the conditions at the school and the health and safety of staff and pupils.



All schools are required to have an emergency plan in place to deal with incidents where the health and safety of pupils and staff is at risk. Such incidents include inclement weather, fire, flood, terrorist alert, gas leaks and failure of fundamental services such as electricity, water and heating. An emergency is an unforeseen event, the effects of which could not reasonably have been anticipated.


In the event of an emergency closure being necessary during the school day, the first actions we would take would be to ensure the safety of all those on the site by enacting the school's evacuation procedures, which we practise regularly.


For emergency closures both during and outside of the school day, we would alert as many parents and carers as possible to prevent children arriving in school or to ensure that they are quickly and safely collected from the premises. In these circumstances we aim to contact parents via our ParentMail system which sends emails and text messages to registered email addresses and mobile phone numbers. If you have not already done so, please ensure that our school office hold a current email and mobile phone number for your family.


We would also display information about the closure on our school website and report our school closure to Hampshire County Council who would display information on their website and inform local radio stations.


Click here for Hampshire’s website list of Emergency School Closures