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Due to the high level of creativity going on at home, we have decided to dedicate a page to celebrate all of your fantastic home learning!



Picture 1 Arron has been experimenting floating and sinking
Picture 2 Finley has created a car counting game
Picture 3 Harrison created a new version of risk!
Picture 4 Kaitlyn has been painting nails and making Bonnets
Picture 5 Amie wrote a beautiful poem to Mrs Portlock
Picture 6 Teala has been learning about butterfly lifecycles
Picture 7 Bella has made the most beautiful fairy door!
Picture 8 Oliver has made an Ancient Egyptian canopic jar!
Picture 9 Sienna made a bug hotel, so bugs can stay home too
Picture 10 Olli hard at work!
Picture 11 Hattie wrote a Trolls Story
Picture 12 Hattie's Troll Story continued..
Picture 13 Hattie's Clockwork Sparrow Home Learning task
Picture 14 Hattie's beautiful Shang Dynasty Home Learning!

Jaycee's Lego Animation

Still image for this video